Shipping Information and Live Arrival Guarantee

IMPORTANT- Please Read In Full Before Placing Your Order!
Be mindful of the laws in your state before placing your order! If the fish selected are illegal in the state you reside in, your order will be cancelled! 
Dry Goods 
Dry goods will ship same day (if possible), or ASAP via USPS priority mail.
Overnight Delivery
We are now happy to offer flat rate overnight shipping throughout the USA! We primarily ship using UPS Next Day Air, which ships straight to your doorstep. We ship out Monday thru Wednesday each week, and occasionally on Thursdays depending on the zone you are located in. Packages are typically delivered between 10:30 am -12:00 pm the following day. The shipping cost paid includes an insulated Styrofoam box, bags, heat/cold packs, etc. The day the shipping label is created, you'll receive an email with tracking information.
If we suspect inclimate weather, we will delay your shipment until we feel it is safe to ship.  We pack all of our orders with delays in mind, and rarely experience loss as a result. If your package is delayed, please contact UPS directly for further information and updates. 
 Airport to Airport Delivery 
Airport to airport is typically the fastest, safest, and most economical shipping method for large fish or heavy orders. Airport to airport shipments are typically reserved for orders $300 and over and boxes over 50 pounds, but certain exceptions may apply. The fish are sent to your nearest Delta or Southwest cargo facility at your local airport, where you'll be able to pick them up and pay the shipping charge directly to the airline. The method of cargo is dependent on the best flight with the least amount of travel time. After placing your order, we will contact you to find the best flight for both you and the fish, as well as walk you through the process if you are unfamiliar with it.
Please Note: Occasionally some airports require prepayment for shipping. Should this occur, we will provide you with the receipt and request payment of the shipping charges.
Live Arrival Guarantee
We take pride in our shipping and losses are a very rare occurrence, even when the boxes are delayed. Live arrival is always guaranteed given the conditions listed below are met. In the rare event of a fish arriving DOA, we offer full credit or refund as well as a refund on shipping (UPS shipping only, and if it is the only fish shipped).
Conditions of Live Arrival Guarantee
-The package must be received on the first delivery attempt.
-The package must be sent to the correct address, and not a forwarding address.
-A clear picture/video of the fish in the original, sealed bag must be sent to within 2 hours of delivery. 
How Do We Treat Our Fish?
The health and quality of the fish we sell is of upmost priority to us. For that reason, we take extra time and preparation with all fish as they arrive at our facility. All fish are treated based on the conditions they exhibit upon arrival-ranging from medications (praziquantel, nitrofurizone, copper sulfate, and methylene blue) as well as natural solutions like salt, heat, rich tannin water, and more. Providing our clients with healthy fish is our #1 goal.
How Do We Prepare Fish For Shipping?
Our knowledge and commitment to quality has made us a leading provider of rare fish throughout the United States. Shipping fish is a delicate process that encompasses a number of variables. When your order is placed, we do visual checks leading up on every fish to ensure they are at upmost health. To ship fish properly, especially sizable species, a period of fasting is required. This can last anywhere between 3 days to a week conservatively speaking. Additional treatments may be necessary, in which you will be contacted regarding a timeline on shipping.
Our Commitment To You
Exceptional service and an all-around positive experience is what we aim for at Global Fish Co. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build; both online and in-store, and providing a personalized experience to each person who receives a fish from us. Our commitment to our customers is providing fish at the highest quality and health for the best price that we can offer. We get the most enjoyment out of seeing our fish thrive for years in your tanks.