Acclimation Guide

Congrats on receiving your new fish! Here is an acclimation guide to make adding them to your tank seamless.
Temperature Acclimation
We have found that the most important part of proper acclimation procedure is regulating water temperature, which in turn makes things far less stressful on the fish. We recommend this technique for all fish before introducing them to your tank. Only skip this step in the fish appears in distress.
-Turn off lights on your tank before beginning acclimation process to reduce stress.
-Open box, remove the bag (do not open), and begin floating the bag to acclimate them to the temperature of the water in your tank.
-Float the bag for 15 to 30 minutes to give enough time for the water in the bag to reach the same as the tank.
-Use a net to scoop out the fish and add it to the tank.
Water Acclimation
Although not always necessary, you may choose to drip acclimate your new fish before adding them to your tank. We recommend this technique for small fish, certain plecos, and invertebrates. Skip this step if the water appears cloudy or dirty, as ammonia becomes toxic and harmful with the bag is opened.
-Open box and place it in front of your tank. Open the bag while keeping it in the Styrofoam to keep the bag stabilized while drip acclimating the water.
-Using a piece of airline tubing tie a small knot about halfway down the airline.
-Create a vacuum with suction and allow water to slowly start pouring in the bag. Tighten the knot in the airline as needed to reduce the flow down to around a drop or two per second
-Drip-acclimate the fish in the bag for approximately a half hour, or longer if necessary.
-Use a net to remove the fish from the bag and add it to the tank.
Live Arrival Guarantee
We take pride in our shipping and losses are a very rare occurrence, even when the boxes are delayed. Live arrival is always guaranteed given the conditions listed below are met. If there are any DOA's, we offer full credit towards your next purchase, minus the shipping charge.
No cash refunds.
Conditions of Live Arrival Guarantee
-The package must be received on the first delivery attempt.
-The package must be sent to the correct address and not a forwarding address.
-A clear picture/video of the fish in the original, sealed bag must be sent to within 3 hours of delivery.