About Us

Global Fish Co. was founded by Ryan Tierney, a long time fish keeper and animal enthusiast of all sorts. From a young age, animals were always at the forefront for Ryan. His passion for the hobby grew as he began raising and breeding many species of fish and reptiles. He spent his early teenage years working for his local pet store, maintaining tanks in his neighborhood, and doing other aquatic odd jobs. Concurrently, also worked closely with his grandfather to construct a room in his basement to house all of his projects. His dream of a hobby-turned-business really started to take shape. After a few more years of work in various aquatic fields and travelling overseas to really immerse himself in everything, Ryan made the decision to open our location in Elmwood Park, NJ in 2019.
We have a tight knit, highly dedicated staff of true hobbyists that are passionate about every aspect of our jobs. Every one of us has lifelong experience keeping fish, and most other animals as well! Each of us were lucky enough to be hand selected by Ryan as staff for Global Fish, and we hope this gives each of you trust that we will provide you nothing but the best service and advice possible! We take pride in what we do, the fish we sell, and the store we run.