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Seachem Paraguard

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Every aquarium owner should have their very own fish tank first aid kit! And Seachem ParaGuard should be one of the staples of your aquatic medicine cabinet. The pharmaceutical grade medical additive is designed to eliminate ectoparasites as well as harmful bacterial, fungal and viral lesions such as ich, gill and body flukes, velvet and fin rot. The solution is a safe and powerful aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product and unlike the incredibly toxic and user-unfriendly formalin based medications, Seachem ParaGuard contains no traces of formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter the delicate pH balance of the tank, nor will it negatively impact the aquarium biofilter.

The formula uses a proprietary, synergistic blend of aldehydes, malachite green and fish protective polymers that are incredibly beneficial in hospital tanks, quarantine tanks for new fish and whenever new fish are introduced to a community tank. Comes in a 100 ml bottle.


Carefuly remove all invertebrates such as shrimp from the tank as well as any chemical filtration methods. Use 5 mL (1 capful) of ParaGuard for every 40 L (10 US gallons) of aquarium water. Repeat this dosage daily, but pay careful attention to ensure fish show no signs of stress.

The solution can also be used as a medicated dip. For 1 hour long dips, use 3 mL per 4 L (1 US gallon) of aquarium water in a container separate from the main aquarium. The length of dips may be extended if the fish show no evidence of stress. Many diseases will linger in the water as well as on the fish. Giving an infected fish a dip treatment does no good if they go right back into the already infected water.


This is a aquarium specifically set up as a way to closely monitor and medicate new fish before they are introduced into the main tank. ParaGuard is gentle enough to use prophylactically (without visible symptoms) if needed. Quarantine times will vary depending on both species and diseases, but it is generally recommend that 2 weeks of treatment with the formula will clear out any possible external infections.

Sensitive Fish

Some species of fish are significantly more sensitive to medications than others. Fish such as eels, loaches, rays, sharks and others are well known for their sensitivity to all kinds of different medications. If you suspect that your fish may be sensitive to medications, it is perfectly alright to begin with partial dosages and build up to the full dose over the course of several days.

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Seachem Paraguard

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