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Hikari Blood Red Parrot+ Pellet (Mini)

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Hikari Blood-Red Parrot+ is a revolutionary daily diet developed to stimulate aggressive color enhancement in Red Parrot Fish. Formulated to bring out the full potential of this magnificent species, each floating pellet is packed with 6 highly effective color-enhancing ingredients, including chili pepper, phaffia yeast, krill, astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, and Lutein. Produces visible color improvement in as little as two weeks!

In addition to its color-enhancing properties, Blood-Red Parrot+ features a balanced nutrient profile to promote optimal growth, form, energy, and immune function. This high-protein formula also includes Hikari Germ; a living strain of Bacillus bacteria that offers numerous benefits. It activates within the intestinal tract to create beneficial digestive enzymes, prevent proliferation of bad bacteria, reduce waste, and improve the efficiency of nutrient assimilation.
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Hikari Blood Red Parrot+ Pellet (Mini)

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